High quality aluminium poles
- control variability
- high strength!
- certified material (SAPAgroup, Norway)
- modern aesthetic design
- easy transport and installation

Basic dimensions

Euromast also produces
non-traditional height poles.


pole height:
number of segments:
diameter and wall thickness:
pole weight:
(no anchorage)
recommended flag:
(width x height in cm)


5 m6 m7 m8 m
82,5 x 3,5 mm / 60 x 2,5 mm
9 kg 11 kg13 kg15 kg
100 x 250 100 x 300120 x 350120 x 400
pole body:
surface treatment:
pole colour:
pole models:
top pole element:
coloured poles:

optional accessories:
EN AW6005A cylindrical aluminium alloy with increased T6 tensile strength
anodic oxidation to combat weathering and greyness
natural elox aluminium colour
Standard / Eco / Exclusive / Banner
fixed (earth tube) / tilting (locking)
rotating silver ball
the pole body can be painted any colour on the RAL Colour Chart
using special Komaxit treatment (fired powder coating paint)
Mobile Banner - mobile arm for Eco or Exclusive flagpoles
Golden Onion - top element
White Mushroom - top element
Solar LED lighting - automatically illuminates the flag at night


  Euromast flagpoles (PDF)

Beware of cheap,
thin poles!

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Choose Euromast.