The most reliable pole model
with tensioning rotary arm for flag readability
even in the windless weather.
- silver ball
- 360° rotating head with tensioning arm for the flag
- aluminium rod 150 cm from the tensioning arm
- rotating wheels (not sliding!) for the rope
- ball (not sliding!) bearing inside for long life so that the housing
  of the rotating head does not wear away or creak
- plastic sleeves to keep the flag from swinging away
  from the pole in windy weather
- weight to tighten the flag
- also keeps the flag from tangling against the top of the pole
- pole has no rope or control
- change the flag when the pole is tilted by sliding the flag on the tensioning arm
- type label with the serial number (to identify the model easier)
Tilt locking anchorage:
- the pole can be tilted, the flag changed and the pole serviced
- allows the pole to be aligned onto a plane even after the pole is fixed
  to the ground or if either the ground shifts or the pole is misaligned
Anchorage makes tilting the pole easy and fast.
- simple concept = functional solution
- the flag can be read even when there is no wind
- arm’s aluminium rod can be shortened
- uncomfortable flag change
- two people needed for folding down flagpole and change flag

Package contains:

- pole body (bottom and top)
- accessories (weight, sleeves, top element, ...)
- tilt locking anchorage
- 3D pictorial instructions to anchor the flag with concrete
- 3D pictorial instructions for pole completion
- instructions for using the pole


  Euromast flagpoles (PDF)