Best-selling pole model with inside
rope guide (to keep the flag from tangling).
Lockable control against theft of the flag.
- silver ball
- 360° rotating head - metal casting
- rotating wheels (not sliding!) for the rope
- ball bearings (not sliding!) inside for longer life so the rotating
  head casing never becomes worn or starts creaking
- plastic sleeves to keep the flag from swinging away from the pole in windy weather
- weight to tighten the flag
- also keeps the flag from tangling against the top of the pole
- lockable door for pole control
- flag protected against the theft
- spring catch to keep the rope from loosening
- non-corrosive components
- 2 keys
- type label with the serial number (to identify the model easier)
Tilt locking anchorage:
- allows the pole to tilt and be serviced- allows the pole to be aligned
  onto a plane even after the pole is fixed to the ground
  or if either the ground shifts or the pole is misaligned
Fixed tubular anchorage cannot be tilted nor locked.
- best-selling model
- protects against theft of the flag
- inside rope guide to keep the flag from tangling
- Mobile Banner mobile arm can be used
- less comfortable flag control
- possible twisting of the rope in windy weather
  on the pole

Package contains:

- pole body (bottom and top)
- accessories (rope, spring hooks, top element, ...)
- selected anchorage (tilt locking / fixed tubular)
- 3D pictorial instructions to anchor the flag with concrete
- 3D pictorial instructions for pole completion
- instructions for using the pole


  Euromast flagpoles (PDF)